[Dwarf] LED dimming

Nice to have: ability to dim LEDs. They look too bright in some cases.


Saved as request :wink:


Still need the ability to dim LEDs !!

  1. When a tap tempo is assign to a switch we got a amazing white, so the light technician taped my dwarf : not cool :upside_down_face:
  2. when a switch is assign to a on/off function, but the LED showing the switch state is read, and doesn’t turn off completely when the switch is in off state. It’s a bit confusing, I sometimes switch it to check if it was off (then : okay, it was…). Why keeping a bit of light here ? Could it be possible to turn it off completely ?

Here are the B LED which should be off, and the massive white C LED dimmed with tape :

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I’m reporting it and saving on the requests.
P.S.: quite of a “MacGyver” light tech you got haha