Dwarf Knobs as Switches

thanks. I’ve adopted heavily from 8 button USB MIDI footswitch by vrmmm - Thingiverse
and https://github.com/tttapa/MIDI_controller. With some custom code for the relay and my amp.

The enclosure I designed and printed myself. The measurements match the dwarf exactly.


You can even connect it via Bluetooth with something like WIDI from CME. (again…I have one, don’t love it, but it works ok…yet I question a few design choices)

Yep but i prefer MIDI over wired USB. It seems that it’s possible anyway.

I guess the pedal also has USB MIDI. But maybe when @SrMouraSilva receives it he can give us some more feedback :wink:

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Just ordered one too. The latency might be an issue but worth exploring. Will probably turn up same time as my dwarf. Will post findings when I can.


Cheers for the pointers - never even thought about printing an enclosure.

Best get planning

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I use/work a lot with Bluetooth MIDI and quite honestly the latency was NEVER an issue. In some cases, I even had bigger latency with cheap MIDI USB/DIN interfaces.

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well we will find out in new year hopefully but that is great news not worked with BT Midi before

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It arrived today! If anyone have a question, I will try to answer.


So there would be enough room for one more switch :sweat_smile:

Or maybe 5 more…


Woah that’s a really nice size to pair with the Dwarf!


Is it actually possible to send MIDI commands to Dwarf via USB cable?

Does it work ? ; )

Got mine coming January but I thought I’d ask anyway .

Absolutely! You can even plug in a usb game controller like a ps2 controller and use that!


Yes, it is! Both are almost the same width.

@James, maybe this question is more related if the M-VAVE Chocolate can send midi signals by USB (or only by Bluetooth).

And, yes, it’s possible!

Edit: I discovered now that is also possible to use TRS midi over the pedal input jack.


It worked here. :slight_smile:

Note: It’s possible to customize the MIDI commands by its app, but I didn’t tried yet.

Note 2: Isn’t clear for me how to assign a MIDI command to a plugin. I need to study a little more


Thanks a lot!

Hello, @redcloud and @Austin73. I created another topic to explain more about the M-VAVE chocolate


Fantastic tutorial. Thanks from everyone in this thread. (certainly a better option than stomping on the knobs of the Dwarf).