Dwarf Knobs as Switches

(1) I use the Dwarf at my feet, so can’t imagine bending down whilst gigging to use the knobs to make adjustments.

(2) I always feel I want more footswitches and discovered you can assign things to the knobs which when depressed have exactly the same function as a footswitch.

(3) Knobs and boots don’t mix so well (I haven’t broken mine, but have to wear socks to protect them).

Has anyone ever thought about taking the knobs off and replacing them with foot switches so you have 5 footswitches rather than 2? (or another idea would be to build some kind of 3 footswitch enclosure to go over the knobs so they are essentially just footswtches).

Here is the “3-footswitch-enclosure” idea.

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This is not really possible because the hardware inside is different. What you can do is to replace the knob with something sturdy that allows you to step on it. Anyway, it will never be so sturdy as the footswitches and you may indeed break them.

You can always connect an external MIDI Controller or a MOD Footswitch.

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We’ve seen people try to make the encoders “foot-friendly” in the past which resulted in having to replace the whole controller board in the device. I appreciate the creativity but in this case, I have to agree with Jon in saying that it may indeed break something. The push-button on the encoder is just a tiny tactile switch that only takes about 600 grams to actuate and really isn’t designed for stepping on.
I think the creativity would be better put towards a foot controller to pair with the device or a new device with more footswitches. It is a clever idea though but it is just limited by the encoders. I would love to see what else you come up with though


Actually, a considerable amount of effort went into designing the device in a way that the knobs are as far from the footswitches as possible while also being less tall specifically so that people wouldn’t stand on them :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Hello, @Ant. I bought this controller (but I didn’t received yet). It’s a MIDI Bluetooth controller. I also bought the Bluetooth receptor. I think that is also possible to use the USB to controls it.

This equipment is interesting: it has battery, and has banks then apparently it’s possible to assign a command for each footswitch for each bank. I don’t know yet how many banks it has, but, if has 4 (as example), the 4 footswitches will “transform” into 16. Also, it’s possible to connect a expression pedal with it.

It’s cheap, but apparently very powerful!


That indeed looks very impressive for the price!


WOW @SrMouraSilva :anguished: that is way too cheap!
@James yeah…I would say that a lot was saved on certifications, licensing of Bluetooth device, etc. :sweat_smile:

Anyway…nothing agains that. We will probably just not see a lot of them.


Hej @Ant, another option would be a diy midi controller. Granted you have to have a few tools - and 3D Printer helps but you really just need a few footswitches, some kind of SparkFun Pro Micro (clone) and a case.

I’ve had the same Problem but wanted to keep the size to minimum. I’ll also had to add a Relay for switching channels of my Amp. This is the prototype board i giged with.


Looks really cool!
I’m curious to see and listen when you get that setup ready :wink:

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A note: The 17 euros is related to other thing. When you enter on the page, you need select the equipment. See that the price is twice (but also cheap).

Note 2: I couldn’t find the equipment’s website. I’m not promoting with that link.

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Hey, did you use the Mod shield? If not, what did you use to communicate your controller with the Dwarf?

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No, I didn‘t use the modshield. The Pro Micro is basically an Arduino Leonardo Mini. They are USB-MIDI class compliant. You just hook it up to the usb port. The code needed for the controller is pretty straight forward.


Sounds like a better solution than “hacking the Dwarf”


Still cheap to cover all certifications and licences. Funny that this clearly uses BLE MIDI, but they don’t use the Bluetooth logo anywhere - what is a requirement. Most likely they don’t have the license.

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Cool controller Spunk, going to go down the arduino road too instead of control chain.

Did you write your own code or did you modify one. I normally use Notes and Volts for my stuff.

Love the fact the enclosure pretty much matches the dwarf - is it a hammond ?

on sale at moment if anybody is interested.

£19.53 39%OFF | MIDI Bluetooth Controller Multifunctional Wireless APP Control Rechargeable 4 Buttons Portable MIDI Foot Controller Pedal


Can be connected to Dwarf via USB cable to send midi signals?

thanks. I’ve adopted heavily from 8 button USB MIDI footswitch by vrmmm - Thingiverse
and https://github.com/tttapa/MIDI_controller. With some custom code for the relay and my amp.

The enclosure I designed and printed myself. The measurements match the dwarf exactly.


You can even connect it via Bluetooth with something like WIDI from CME. (again…I have one, don’t love it, but it works ok…yet I question a few design choices)