Dwarf freezes when changing snapshots


I have a pedalboard where I’ve assigned footswitches B&C (on page 8) to cycling through the snapshots. There are 4 snapshots in the board. Very often, when I press either of these two, the Dwarfs display freezes. The audio keeps coming through, without changing the snapshot. (It sounds like I hadn’t pressed the switch.) The LEDs change color, sometimes to different colors (1 blue, 1 yellow-green-ish). The only fix seems to be a power-off-on

How to reproduce

I don’t know yet. Sometimes the issue happens only after cycling through the snapshots a few times. Sometimes it was enough to wait for a while, and the issue happened on the first footswitch-press

Expected/suggested solution

No freezes

Additional information

  • release:

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Linux, but that doesn’t matter for the problem

Just thinking out loud to help narrow down the issue:

I think that sharing the pedalboard could be of some help. Also, I would try to remove/change plugins one at a time. Is there any beta/alpha plugin on the pedalboard? Could the freeze depends on how fast you switch snapshots? Do the Dwarf freezes also removing the “snapshot navigation” assignment to footswitches and using the built-in “navigation-mode” as in Dwarf User Guide - MOD Wiki ?


Sorry for posting this error report without following up on it.

I’ll share the pedalboard here as fast as I can. Hopefully tonight.
I meanwhile tested using the built-in navigation-mode. No freezes there. This solves the issue for me. :+1:

Of course, it would still be good if MOD could look for the root cause. If the Dwarf would be my product, I would either put in time for investigating this or remove the feature of assigning cycle-through-snapshots to the footswitches