Dwarf Footswitch Topper 3D Print


I adapted a nice footswitch topper design from thingiverse to the 9 mm footswitch diameter of the Dwarf. Owners of a 3D-printer can just download the .stl-file, slice it and print it. Here’s the link:

All credits to the original designer shadowzen, I just adapted/remixed it.

Here some example-pictures of my 3D-print:


@Florialdo Many thanks for that! Good work. I have one question: I have two Dwarfs, the older has “rounded” footswitches and the new has cylindrical footswitches. For which sort of footswitches is this design?

Oh I didn’t know that there were different footswitch types. This is the one I have:

@Florialdo Ah, ok. This is the new one. I will send a photo of the older one later. It is rounded. I would need the STL-file of the older one.