Dwarf - Disable Tempo tool?

I know it’s only 5 minutes since the reboot so I may be a bit over-hopeful but could I register a niggle that’s caused me a few problems when playing live and I hope would be a fairly simple software fix. I can’t find a “suggestions” topic so thought I’d stick it here.

On the Dwarf It’s great being able to press buttons A&B together to get into the tuner. The tuner’s great, but at least as important is that you can set it to mute at the same time. It’s great to be able to hit those buttons every time you put your instrument down to get an instant MUTE, with the blue lights indicating you’re in that mode.

BUT if you accidentally hit button A it flips into Tap Tempo mode, the lights change to Green and worse still it unmutes! Although that might seem trivial, in a live setting where you can’t necessarily see the screen clearly this can be really confusing and problematic.

I NEVER use the tap tempo tool. If I want to set the tempo for, say, a delay I just assign it to a button in the normal way.

In a live setting I often can’t read the display - I rely on the button colours to tell me what mode I’m in, so if I see green lights it’s hard to tell whether I’m in Tap tempo mode or on page 6 in normal mode. This has thrown me a number of times.

Would it be possible to add a setting that allows us to enable/disable each of the tools, or at least Tap Tempo? This would make the live scenario feel a lot more robust.