Dwarf Battery

I play bass, it’s active with onboard battery.

I’ve a couple of battery powered amps (Blackstar Fly Bass and a Roland Micro RX) which suit the environments I play in.

My pedalboard has a tuner (battery powered), a midi foot switch (rechargeable battery inside) which charges from my Dwarf via usb, a passive expression pedal and my Dwarf.

I control it from my MacBook or iPad … both battery powered.

See a theme here!? lol

Finding a power socket in for my Dwarf is often a nightmare!

I’d love to know what folks have found as a good battery powered ‘thingie’ to drive a Dwarf.

S’manth x


More or less I have “a copy” of your pedalboard and use.
My ampli is a Positive Grid Spark Mini… I purchased from Amazon a battery power Bank:
Krisdonia Power Bank 32000mAh 100W, one of the cable fit the Dwarf power input.
The expression pedal is a M-Audio EX-P


@Smanth I remember that I learned about this here in the forum, but can’t find it now.
I ordered one of those and it works quite fine. The capacity will set the time that you can be jamming in the middle of the Grand Canyon, Amazonia or Sahara :slight_smile:

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Nice setup @Rino2 !
I’ve just hit the button on a smaller (and less expensive) unit from Krisdona
It will fit better in my rig and with 25,000 mAh will hopefully power me for 10h or so!
S’manth x


I’ve chose the bigger one because it has another coaxial exit at 16-18-22v selectable. I can use it to power a small power supply for external pedal (compressor, tuner, etc.)
Check if the output is at 12v as standard (I saw it is selectable) otherwise you must select the right voltage before connect Dwarf

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Just a reminder to all that 100Wh is the allowed max capacity on an airplane. If you plan to fly, stay at or under that number for your battery.


@looperlative great advice.
Sadly I can attest to the descrutive power of Lithium Ion batteries, last August I sourced a preloved bass amp powered by such a battery. I put it on charge in the late afternoon and was woken by a burning smell about 23:30, when I arose from my snoozing I realised that … things were not quite right!
Thankfully I managed to escape my flat with some smoke inhalation (A&E discharged me afer a night of O2 and observation), but another minute would have been the end of me.The fire, which was caused by the battery, burned so fiercely that the metal reinforcing rods in the roof concrete slab distorted, the windows melted away and the plaster on the walls was burned off … reinstatement work is still underway and with a bit of luck I’ll be able to move back home this August.

I’ve been very cautious (paranoid!?) about these batteries since, tho they seem to be in most everything these days!
S’manth x


:scream: !!!


that’s terrifying… thanks for the caution, @Smanth !


So glad that you survived that devastation.


My Krisdonia just arrived and what a nice bit of kit it is. A lovely heft and more cables/connectors than one can shake a stick at (Where on earth did the quote originate?!).
Sadly it seems to require me to select the voltage every time it is powered on, but this is a small price to pay as I won’t need to search for a mains power socket any more!
It seems I can use it to power my phone, tablet and my thinkpad or Macbook … it’s charging up at the moment (under my paranoid eyes) but I’m not sure which tip to choose for my Dwarf … @Rino2 , can you shed any light? There are a couple that will physically fit … but I’m not sure about the whole centre +ve/-ve thing and do not want to blow up my Dwarf.
@gianfranco, is the Dwarf centre +ve or -ve?
S’manth x


Mine is labeled center positive (I had to take a zoomed in photo, because old).


As am I! But young at heart!
S’manth x


@Smanth and @malfunction54 to help with aging, you can also find that info in our wiki :slight_smile:


Hi, after getting rid of my additional Line6 HXStomp I think I’ve won the competition for the smalest pedalboard with a dwarf on it.

Ok, the “board” is a Baseus PD 100 W 20000 mAh powerbank that fires the dwarf up with a Blind Spot Power Pipe usb-c to 12V cable. But it works realy nice (as long as I use it on a table and don’t stomp on it on the ground :slight_smile:


i use this to play 7h on a MPC one.

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