DWARF - Back up per USB-Stick

Until now, I have sorely missed a back-up function. Normally I’de like to delete everything from a device that I don’t currently need, but store it in a retrievable form.
Now, rather out of boredom, I have looked at the description of the DWARF at Thomann. (mainly because of the ratings)
In the description text I found the following sentence…:

The USB port A also allows the connection of a MIDI keyboard, which can also be used to control the MOD Dwarf. A Bluetooth dongle can also be connected via this port to establish a wireless connection to a computer. Alternatively, the USB stick included in the scope of delivery can be connected here, for example to create back-ups of the effect unit.

I wonder if the back up function is a vision of the future or if I just haven’t found it.
I did not receive a USB stick either.
Is Thomann fibbing ?

Hi There is one in the pack I d just received (from Thomman btw) , it is in the small pocket close to the handle. If you find back up instructions kindly tell me where they are. Cheers

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the backup should be possible on the settings page under “basic”: “Backup & Restore”

see also MOD Web GUI User Guide - MOD Wiki

This seems to be valid for the MOD Duo.
I’m looking for a back-up function of the DWARF.

since the firmware should be quite the same as far as i know, have you tried if it is different for the dwarf?

I didn’t find the option to set the unit untill you replied :grin:

@Aimmi It’s a small icon at the bottom of the screen on the far right.

I can easily get over the lack of a USB stick.

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The WebGUI is the same for all devices, especially in this part. I’m actually currently updating that page to add there as well the Dwarf…it’s outdated. But the screen that you should get it’s the same.

Are you sure it was not laying around the EVA case and/or in the pocket?

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I’m pretty sure, but I can’t check it anymore.
But that’s the least of my problems, as you know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m sure we will solve them all and if needed even that one :wink:

Let it be. More help I need now with my Input.Errors

One of the biggest problems I have with the Dwarf is the lack of a better operating Manuel that doesn’t just tell you where the function is located, it goes into step by step detail on how to do a specific function. For example the toggle function on effects. So you can step thru many different distortion pedals in your chain, while only have 1 distortion pedal going at one time!! It was mentioned where it was to get it but no example on how to exactly put it in and use it step by step! You guys can’t assume that everyone understands your system…

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I agree with your sentiment, it takes a lot of digging to find info on certain features.

I do recognize that the team is incredibly small compared to the scope of the project, and documentation is a massive time suck for devs. I’m willing to make the small sacrifice of my time to explore the unit features on my own, in the hopes that the saved time leads to expanded features.

Unfortunately, it’s a big balancing act right now due to the global societal/logistical shift.

As much as I’d love to dedicate time to help out, with the extreme rise in cost for my daily living, I don’t do work without pay anymore, regardless if it’s something I enjoy doing :confused:

If someone in a better situation can afford to spend the time, then great. In this situation, I have to have a disagreement with the MOD desire for users to do leg work for the platform.


We acknowledge that. @Elk_wrath pointed overall the reasons for that.
Yet, the good news is that we are exactly at the moment working on that.
We are creating some pedalboards made to explain the system and they will be shipped with the device. The recently added Notes plugin also brings a great help on those efforts.


Thanks I’ll check it out!!

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The backup function is great, but not very comprehensive. It would be nice if you could do a backup to copy all the pedalboards and plugins, then be able to choose which ones you wanted to restore. I’m finding the plethora of included pedalboards too much to sort through. Yes it’s great to able to sort them into banks. But I like to remove all included sounds on a device and restore those I like the most and will use the most. On many MIDI keyboard synths this is possible - like on the Behringer Deepmind 12D I have. I have copied all the sounds and organised them into banks stored on my laptop so I can then restore those I want, and install 3rd party sounds that I like. Would be great to be able to do this on the MOD Dwarf.