Dwarf audio inputs 1 + 2. remain muted at the output

I have done the following test.
In the default pedal board (1 module stereo gain) I connected the stereo signal of the headphone output of my iPad to input 1 and 2. (with Y-cable stereo to 2 mono jacks).
I have connected 2 active monitors to the stereo outputs 1 and 2.
If I connect the IPad headphone output directly to the monitors, I hear the audio signal from the IPad. In the above test. Input 1 directly to output 1 and ditto with input 2)

I have already played with input and output gain. I have switched the WebUI on and off.
Input leds show no input signal.
Is there an impedance problem or is it another problem?

The aim of this test is to create the possibility to send a mono backing via channel 2 of the Dwarf. (For practice and/or rehearsal.)

The problem is found. The Dwarf no longer emits any sound.
This looks like a hardware problem. :angry:

This is a really weird issue.
Can you share your pedalboard?
Do you have any light on the output LEDs?

The DWARF behaves like this with all pedalboards.
Both input LEDs light up briefly during the power-on procedure. This is probably intentional.

And what happens next?
Should I send you a back up or the Dwarf?

It’s still too early to send the device back. We still need to run all the troubleshooting steps.
As we are already talking in DM, let’s follow up over there.

Problem is solved , Jon was very patience with me.



What was the solution?

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A cold solder joint in my guitar (with 9V Onboard PreAmp) with a loose contact, which did not occur when the guitar was held in a normal position, but interrupted the power supply when the guitar was upright in the guitar stand.
During troubleshooting with replacement of all cables, monitor and finally another guitar, I must have made a mistake at some point and confused the In-Output. :disappointed:

Today I rebuilt the setup in another room. (better lighting conditions for recording a vid). And everything was OK again. :joy:
I have since repaired the guitar with the error.


You’re welcome @Sharry :slight_smile: Happy to help

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