Dwarf as Midi controller

Hi guys.

Been testing the Dwarf’s potential as a MIDI brain for my pedalboard and the scope and potential is huge!

Using a Control to CV module, allows you to send multiple MIDI messages simultaneously triggering multiple mindi plugins. With more potential than a Morningstar device, the dwarf can have up to 16 footswitches and 72 knobs! All whilst optionally running audio-based effects :slight_smile: This means I can control my other midi-controlled effects (Empress Zoia & Specular Tempus) all from the Dwarf and change multiple devices at the same time from a single switch or knob.

There’s also great potential for a more featured version of the mindi plugin which could avoid the CV workaround. Does anyone know of a more advanced MIDI message sending LV2 plugin?


Thats stellar work and sonwthing I want to push with my Dwarf. Will check it out later. Thanks for posting