Duo X - more inputs and outputs - 4 of each would be nice

I know there is a topic for this already but it is a bit techinical for someone like me who isn’t a developer.

Could you clarify, will it be possible at some time down the line to extend the ammount of in/outputs on the Mod x, either with an external audio interface or with some sort of device, perhaps even made by Mod connected via the control chain socket?

Its not a deal breaker, I already have one, but I would love if it could handle at least 4 ins and 4 outs one day.


edit, I just realised thats pretty stupid because the control chain probably doesnt treansmit audio :rofl:

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This is possible but comes with some complexity and slight stability issues, depending on the USB hardware and other factors. As far as I know, the MOD team is considering this for a future software release but nothing is decided yet.

It is often hard to answer without making it sound like a promise, so we tend not to comment too much on things like this as they might lead to some false hope.
That said… it is something we are going to try. not for v1.10 or v1.11 though.


thats good to know thanks :grinning: