Duo for vocals

I am going to start experimenting with putting vocals through the Duo.
There are very few examples of pedalboards for vocals.

Any tips/tricks anyone is doing with using a mic and processing vocals?

Well I’m not an expert but the first thing to do is to get rid of crap so a noise gate, then a deesser, then mild compression to even things out (maybe with some surgical eq before), then a more limiting compressor/limiter to control peaks, then eq, then delay and reverb.

I’m guessing the mod isn’t ideal for this though, the compressors and eq are too guitar based and there is no deesser., there is no side band compression to even bodge it,

For live use one of the basic vocal hardware devices would be a better bet.

It would be nice to have a vocal centric plugin.
I have a TC Helicon critical mass stomp box that has a “tone” button that does a great job or getting a solid vocal sound. I got this pedal because it does the choir effect which is another plugin that would be nice to have…

I’m thinking of experimenting with megaphone and distortion effects for vocals.
Has anyone had any good results with distorted vocals?

Are you after a live rig for just yourself with guitar and vocals through the duo?

So something like the critical mass (just looked it up!).

This would be for a live rig.

I’d like to set it up so that I have several vocal effects on one pedalboard so that I can quickly access them when jamming.

We could use more compressors but the ones available (CAPS, TAP, ZamAudio and Invada) are multi-purpose compressors and not specifically geared towards guitarists. Same goes for the EQ’s actually.
And the MOD excels in the possibility to experiment with effects and vocals, there’s a myriad of plugins available with which you can do pretty neat vocal stuff, like harmonizers, an autotuner, a vocoder, flangers and all sorts of filters.


I’m reviving this thread because I’m going down this road now of running my mic / vocals through the Duo. Several months ago I picked up a vocal harmonizer pedal (TC Helicon) as part of a used hardware purchase. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with it and I like using it occassionally but:

  1. I prefer different wet/dry mixes and different combos of the harmonizer voices depending on the song and don’t want to have to reach down between songs to adjust
  2. No MIDI option
  3. No room for it in my “critical zone” (closest to my feet) area of the pedalboard, awkward to reach for in a quick moment, or I have to keep my foot planted right above it for the duration of some songs.
  4. The filtering adds a little bit of coloration (auto-tune?) to the tone that I don’t always like.

So I’ve taken the harmonizer pedal off and have subsequently added it to my list of suspects for contributing noise to the signal chain as things seem pretty quiet now. I’m going to work on setting up my main boards to run both guitar and mic. One potential challenge might be squeezing out performance between two different signal chains, especially while using harmonizers and other CPU heavy processing. My first steps have been promising - I was running a pedalboard with an amp and cab for the guitar, and a compressor and two separate harmonizers for the mic, with some cycles to spare (Duo). With the MIDI snapshot nav, now I can manage the vocal mix and effects along with everything else and I have lot more control over the resulting vocal tone.


Would be very useful to see some vocal pedalboard attempts here. I use the old TC Helicon VoiceLive Play, and there is a noticeable latency on this unit. So I would gladly replace it with my Dwarf.

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