DUO Discussion on Stickist.com for Chapman Stick

Hi Everyone,

I play the NS/Stick (a member of the Chapman Stick family) and very excited about the DUO. I’ve had my DUO for about three weeks now and absolutely loving the sounds I am getting.

I want to let people know that I’ve started a discussion on www.stickist.com (the Chapman Stick forum) at http://www.stickist.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11431&p=97382#p97382

For those of you who are not familiar with the Chapman Stick, check out www.Stick.com or see all the whole family of instruments at http://www.stick.com/instruments/

The Stick has separate outputs for the bass and melody sides and the two input configuration and routing capabilities of the DUO make it a perfect match.

Any other stick players on this forum?


Greetings from another Stickist.

Great to see you on this forum.

Have you created any pedal boards you can share?

I don’t have my own MOD DUO yet (planning on it though), but I use the same plugins and such in KXStudio with my regular audio interface on my laptop. I mostly use the Guitarix stuff for my Stick (not sure which of the options in the MOD correspond exactly, but it’s the same stuff largely). Life is crazy right now, but I’ll share boards when I eventually get to that.

Incidentally, not sure if MOD DUO has embraced this versus their own approach, but https://musical-artifacts.com/ is a place where patches and stuff are shared for the same software that MOD relies on… It could be a (or the) place for sharing MOD pedalboards…

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Hi @Skydiver,

Thank you for starting the thread in the other forum as well. I read your first impressions and the following feedback. It’s really good to see what our customers like/dislike :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing more of this and hearing some shared pedalboards from you :wink:

Best wishes,
MOD Team

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Yes, I am now, Mr. Skydiver! :wink:

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I made a really amateur overview video of the DUO for my NS/Stick channel. I will soon post a video with my actual sounds. I know several Stick players have purchased the DUO and looking forward to discussing Stick sounds.


I just made another video sharing how I set up my pedalboard. It’s got blending of different signals, parallel processing. (I really need to get a light to make better videos…)

You may find it interesting how I use the Stereo X-Fade. I love that plugin!

Here is the link to my pedalboard: https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/pedalboards/585b730e2564d40589088269


I look forward to checking out the Mod Duo. Looks perfect for the Stick.

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Hi Pascal,

Great to see you on this forum.

I just played a Stick Night last weekend and Jeremy Cubert has one too. I know you are a busker… and I know Madmonk (from stickist.com) uses a battery to power his Duo. Here is the ilnk to what he uses https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HFMUBYG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

There are a few other Stick players getting into the Duo.

Did you buy one?

Nice one about the Stick Night. Sounds like you had fun.
I haven’t bought a Mod Duo yet but it’s going to happen. Just need to sell some gear.
I’ve been checking them out for a while but information was pretty thin on the ground.
But as you say, It’s look brilliant for the Stick.
I’m always looking for gear that is small for travelling.
I like the idea that it’s a little community with developers and programmers.
Hope your music going is going well. Your videos on the Mod Duo are great.
Nice and homely. If that makes sense.
Thanks for the battery tip.
I’ve got a pretty hardcore battery for playing.
Certainly the most expensive battery I’ve spent money on at over £300.
But having other options is good too.
Take it easy.
All the best.

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I’m certainly liking mine, Pascal.

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Just got my Stick (Monday 13 Feb) very excited to finally get my hands on it… Now realising what a learning curve this’ll be. I’m a keyboard player though so should get there… Sorry going off topic :slight_smile:

Really, really interested in the Mod Duo; have been looking at the various options but this one seems to tick the right boxes. In fact I think Skydiver got me interested in this via Stickist.com.

Apart from the money, my other issue is I think I probably ought to get my head around the Stick before I go FX crazy, not sure what you guys think (?) From listening to The Mod, it seems like it’ll create some crazy sounds/FX and I feel I could easily get lost in those and not learn the Stick properly. However, will definitely be getting one… One day soon :slight_smile:

Anyhow, interested in your thoughts… BTW Pascal I’m based in the UK, (Bristol) and there don’t seem to be that many Stick players around, or maybe I’m wrong.

Hi @chrispfingers!

Glad you’re joining the discussion.

I think the decision for getting an effects unit depends on what you are looking to do.
To be honest there are sooo many great computer programs that get amazing sounds. If you already have a Mac you can get Mainstage for super cheap and there are so many great sounds there. Some amazing amp sims and effects. I really like Mainstage but I wasn’t comfortable taking my computer and converter to a gig. That may be just me… many others do it.

I knew from the beginning that I will want to play with effects and have different ones on bass and melody side. Over the years I kept accumulating new pedals for each side… So the Duo was a no-brainer for me… :slight_smile:

If you already have a way to practice I would recommend just practicing the Stick. Once you get an idea on what you want to do then make a decision at that time… then sleep on it to make sure it’s what you want… :grin:

Thanks Skydiver, you are of course right about effects, I know i want to use them on the stick but i think I’ll hold off for a bit and get my ‘chops’ together first. Always good to get a little clarity from others :slight_smile:

Coming from a keyboard/synth background I love playing with sounds and creating something from nothing, evolving pads are a favourite; easy to get lost in the sounds :slight_smile: … Keith Richards once said “A painters got canvas, a writer’s got reams of empty paper, a musician has silence” or something like that.

Enjoyed your youtube vids on the Mod btw… I’m pretty sure the Mod Duo is for me, but like you say, Best to sleep on it. Thanks.

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