Ducking signals

I want to set up a way to duck signals. I’m not keen on the “ducking delay” plug-in, but that’s the concept I want for delays, but also loops I that I record with ALO.

I tried setting up a complex CV chain that took the input signal and triggered an envelope, but in the end this was way too wonky and unreliable. Possibly someone has built this already and it works?

There is a gate plug-in which does the exact opposite of what I want to do:

It has a side chain to open the gate when there is a signal - I want to open the gate when there is ‘no’ signal. Does such a plug-in exist?

The only other plug-in I found was this compressor, but I can’t set to work reliably, and it has poor documentation.

Has anyone else set up a reliable way to gate signals?

The ZamComp has worked for me for the ducking effect, and I also want it to apply to a loop… but the only way I’ve figured out how to do it is two separate loopers, one for drums, which is then the side-chain source for the zamcomp following my first looper. Not the most efficient…