DSP Governor? Option?

Would it be possible to have an option of a governor type function?
The function I’m thinking of is that the unit will shut off the last plugin activated if the DSP level gets dangerously close to maxing out. This “max” level may be user defined. Also could be shut off by user.

So… I have had some run-ins of crashing my DUO because I overload the DSP. It’s rare but it happens… (yes… I have a lot of plugins on my pedalboard. Needed for a dual-mono instrument like the Chapman Stick)
The unit freezes and I have to re-start the unit. It hasn’t happened in a live situation but I guess it could. Some plugins seems to waver in DSP usage. (For example the Fluid GM Synth Pads)
I would hate to be in the middle of a performance and the unit completely freezes. I’d rather have the last plugin not turn on than not be able to continue with the performance.

What do you think?

Maybe this has already been explored…

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maybe even a stack ranked disable order of fx - e.g. turn off EQs and reverbs before distortion etc.

the UI would be a major pain though, i reckon.

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I have no idea how difficult it would be… It’s an idea that I had…

I’m running into similar issues with the Harrison Mixbus I’ve started to record and mix on.

Sounds technically difficult to me. Usually once your DSP starts spiking its too late, its time to send the buffer to the D/A and you haven’t run all the processes. A lot of it depends on the loading characteristics of the plugin, some are a steady load, some might have big spikes. I really think the safest design is simply to keep ample headroom in your pedalboard design. Its not so fun, I know.

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If we had true bypass and CV ports, a plugin can do that.
The plug simply measure the time between two jack callbacks, compare the result with the DSP time frame and send a CV switch off message when the time hits a given threshold (several times, maybe). The user could connect what ever plug bypass port to the CV out port from this watchdog plug and.
Say, 3 times behind each other, the threshold is reached, Send off message.

We use a similar watchdog in guitarix, to switch off the convolver, when needed, and it works pretty well.