Dragonfly Hall Reverb does not commit to saved preset


Dragonfly Hall Reverb does not commit to my saved preset.
Not sure if it is a Dragonfly only behaviour or if it´s true to other plugins as well.

How to reproduce

  1. Create a short hall reverb preset and save it
  2. Save the pedalboard in question.
  3. Turn off the MOD Dwarf
  4. Turn it back on.

You will hear that the sounding reverb it is not the one saved as a preset.

Expected/suggested solution

I expect that when turning on the unit the dwarf returns to its last on state or last saved pedalboard.

Additional information

Unit: MOD Dwarf
Build Date: 2023 Jan 17 13:33:35
OS Version:

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • System version: Windows 10
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I’ve recorded a short video explaining the odd behaviour of the plugin because I think it’s easier to describe it this way.
Dragonfly Hall Reverb does not commit to saved preset


@rogeriocouto do you have the plugin updated to the latest version?

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I did some other tests and behavior is consistent with other large hall factory preset.
It seems to be related to the “decay”.

  1. created a simple pedalboard with only the Dragonfly Hall Reverb.
    Bug report test DRAGONFLY HALL REVERB - MOD Devices
  2. Selected the “Large Bright Hall” on the factory preset list and “saved as” with no changes on the settings.
    Everything is ok but…
  3. If I go to user preset list and click on the preset that I just saved, the sound changes to what seems to be a much shorter decay setting but with no visual changes on the GUI.

This is a very odd behaviour that makes the plugin unusable due to this inconsistency.


I will pass that so.

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I did a quick test, and I can confirm that I am also getting the same issue here.

After some more testing:
-when switching from factory large bright hall preset to the user-saved identical preset, we get the unexpected sound change
-when switching from another factory preset to the user-saved large bright hall preset, it does sound like it should

So seems like only switching from a factory preset to an identical user copy causes issues. Were you able to trigger the behavior in other cases too @rogeriocouto ?


Hello @jesse

NO. You can change some settings and save the preset and have the same issue.
Just tried changing and saving the decay to a longer setting (3.80s) and the issue remains.
It seems to save correctly but when you click on the saved preset once more the decay drops to about 1.5s I think.


Thanks for the quick reply, I can confirm I get the same here, we will have to do a bit of investigation to understand what is going on. Either me or someone else from the MOD team will report back when we made some progress.