Double bass

Hi everyone, I happened to play a few days ago with a double bass player I don’t know. He has shown interest in DWARF and would like to try it out. I was wondering if any of us owners have created pedalboards for the double bass, in particular it would be interesting how to treat one input for the piezo and the other for a condenser microphone. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.


I’m curious myself about that. Please share your findings if you happen to do the experiment yourself :wink:

Sorry for the delay. I am just getting into DB myself. I am making a purchase in the next couple weeks and will be creating a pedalboard to use with it. Probably going to be pretty basic as I am looking for the raw sound vs. colored.


Please share some videos and pedalboards with us when you have the setup up and running :wink:

I plan on putting my double bass piezo pickup through the IR Loader Cabsim with the double bass body impulse responses from 3 Sigma Audio to give the piezo a more acoustic sound.

The flexibility of the MOD platform lends itself to setting up a board tailored to your own particular combination of instrument/pickup/mic, so I reckon there’s a lot of potential for double bassists in it.


I finally used the double bass IR set up live yesterday, it worked a treat! It was an acoustic trio gig (bass, guitar, vocals), having the IR in the signal path made the bass sound much more natural.


Looking cool!
I’m curious to know how it sounds :wink: Any video/recording available?

Hi Jon, yes, the gig was live streamed:

[EDIT: just ignore the bits where I stepped on my jack lead and pulled it out of it’s socket :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ]


Well, on my end I have dropped picks, stepped on cables (including pulling it off), kicked microphone stands, tripped on other stands – and the list goes.

So, congratulations! You are a real musician! :partying_face:


Hey Ben - Wondering if you can share the pedalboard you ran for that recording? Would like to do some testing on my end. I saw the IR link. Wondering which IR you used from there?


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