Does the Mod Duo X work with keyboard pedals, ex. yamaha fc3a?

Hey, sorry for so many questions in the past few days, I’m just becoming acquainted with the Mod Duo X.

I have a piano foot pedal lying around, something like the yamaha fc3a. I wanted to use it to control some pedals, say a looper pedal. I put my Mod Duo X in exp pedal mode, activate on ring (whatever that means)

At first, I thought that I could map it to whatever on/off switch there is, ex. the loop 1 button of ALO.

But pressing the pedal didn’t do anything.

So I tried to use the CV meter, and I see that when I press the pedal, the CV goes to a maximum value of 0.004884 and alternates between this and 0.002442. When I don’t press on the pedal the voltage is just 0.

But I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this information, how do I then use it to control parameters of my pedals? Is there a CV to MIDI, or CV to parameter pedal of some sort? Is there a plugin that maps 0 → off, 0.002442 >= → on?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Short answer is: no. Expression pedals output a range of values, and hold pedals are “yes” or “no”.

But as you already cleverly noted, your pedal outputs a value, albeit minimal, upon being pressed. So technically you could employ a CV Range Divider and split those outputs to a logic filter and obtain your desired yes/no effect. This however is not practical, and the shift being so subtle (0 to 0.002442) makes it a tough operation overall, very prone to errors. Also, you would have to look if one such pedal does not harm the DuoX regarding its circuitry (maybe @falkTX can weigh on this one?)

Therefore, you’ll be better off with a midi pedal, single or multiple, into your DuoX. Good news is that the X takes either 5-pin MIDI or USB MIDI, which means that any device that outputs a CC message can activate/deactivate a switch.

Absolutely no need to apologise for that. Just do some research in the forum, and if you don’t see an answer to your question, fire away.

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Well, this is the purpose of internal CV. You can map it to almost anything. Check this out.

@QuestionMarc is right on his short answer.
Anyway, if you are receiving values maybe you can go around with CV plugins and play with something like the CV Range Divider or the Attenuverter Booster.
Although I need to advise that the port was not build with that in mind and I’m not 100% sure if this will not damage the device.

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Hey everyone, thanks for all the help, I read, and looked at the Attenuverter Booster and found a way to make it work!

I did the following. I linked the EXP pedal input to 4 Attenuator Booster at 10x to send signal from 0.002442V to 24.42V. After that, I followed the guide to attach a tag to a new virtual CV input. And then I assigned this virtual CV input to a parameter. It seems to work fine.

Could I suggest allowing higher multipliers Attenuator Booster (so that not so many chains would be required)?

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Obviously :wink: I’m adding it on our features request list :wink: