"Does hardware 3.5mm MIDI work?" -SOLVED: MIDI TRS connectors uses "Type A" wiring

I just got a DIN-5 to 3.5mm TRS cable (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KVIZTW4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00), and I’ve connected the MIDI-OUT from a couple midi devices I know output correctly to the ModDwarf’s 3.5mm MIDI-IN. But I can’t seem to get any of these hardware midi messages be received by the Dwarf when connecting from “Hardware Serial MIDI In” using mod-ui. Nor can I seem to forward that “Hardware Serial MIDI In” and send it out via “USB Gadget”. Nor can I successfully send generated midi from inside the Dwarf out to the “Hardware Serial MIDI Out”.

So unless the cable that I just bought was junk or I’m making some rookie mistake, at this point I can only conclude the ModDwarf’s 3.5mm MIDI doesn’t work.

I’m not sure if there are some implementations here to be done. But you should pay attention to the type of MIDI dongle that you are using. The Dwarf has the most common type and if I’m not mistaken right now, that is type A. Isn’t your adapter type B?
@falkTX can probably give us a better answer both on the development stage and clear up what type of dongle the Dwarf requires.

What I have already managed to do with Midi is to switch presets with the Dwarf on my BossGT100c. Out goes so. What I have not yet managed is to get a Fishman Tripleplay or a Casio LK-S250 as a Midi controller to run, although both are displayed as Midi devices in the WebGui and I had selected them. But I haven’t invested that much time yet. So out of the Dwarf goes, in I have also not yet had success.

Turns out the connector wasn’t even “Type A” or “Type B”, but rather some unusual config “Tip = 5, Ring = 3, Sleeve = 2”.

I was completely unaware there was a difference (this is my first experience with MIDI via TRS). According to internet, “Type A” is “Tip = 5, Ring = 4, Sleeve = 2” and “Type B” is “Tip = 4, Ring = 5, Sleeve = 2”. I’m going to try to resolder my connector to match “Type A”.

I’m noticing on specs page, there is no mention of “Type A” or “Type B”…MOD Dwarf Indiegogo just says “TRS MIDI I/O” and Dwarf KickStarter FAQ - MOD Wiki just says “MIDI - It also has a Mini-TRS MIDI input, where you can connect any sort of external MIDI controller.” Honestly this “Type A” or “Type B” is a type of distinction that should be put on those spec pages and on the back side of the ModDwarf case.

in What's the size and type of midi connectors in the Dwarf? - #6 by Tarrasque73 you (jon) say “the MIDI connectors in the Dwarf are TRS 3.5mm Type A”. So I’m going to take your word for that and order a Type A connector. But please put this distinction in the specs! :slight_smile:


Got it working by soldering a short inside the pin…warning messy soldering job, lol!

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You are totally right. If everything goes right I will be starting working on the documentation for the Dwarf on the wiki (like it appears there for the Duo and the DuoX) next week. I will try to pay attention to that.

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I was actually searching for this yesterday in order to be accurate in telling you the type :sweat_smile:
When you asked it I remind myself that I answered that question and to answer it I double-checked with the team.
Thanks for helping me out on this one :wink:

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