Does anyone use Bristol Synthesizer Emulations?

Hello, Does anyone use Bristol Synthesizer Emulations ?

I am especially interested in using mod devices with synths or vintage keyboards.

The good news:
Currently the engine is only for jack/alsa but I think it is possible to port them to LV2.

The bad news: I am out of time for this :disappointed_relieved: But I would be happy to explain if anyone is interested in porting these engines to LV2. The prerequisite, however, is that there is basic C/C++ knowledge and patience, because a port takes a while.

AND: I don’t know how much CPU those plugins are using - so there may occur problems with this.

Regards, Holger

I looked into it in the past, the code is full of global variables and not suitable to be used as a plugin.
Other people have asked the same (to the main developer) and he expressed no interest in a port.

Thanks @falkTX. So there is much more to do than I thought.

Do you use them? I thought they were super awesome when I first learned of the project, until I actually tried them (years ago). My impression was all the synths are just using the same engine, just routing the blocks differently to match the original synth architecture. So they are ok, but I wasn’t especially impressed with the “emulation” of the classics. Its been a few years, so correct me if I’m wrong.

bristol has not been updated in years, so I think your impression might be on-spot.
there are better projects out there worth porting and focusing on I believe


no, I have not tried his plugins Bristol.
I am looking to use so-called moog, prophet, arp, etc
It might be interesting to have a forum page to exchange with the use of mod duo with keyboards…