Docker cbix/mod-plugin-builder:moddwarf on macos M1

using docker, I want to develop plugs on my macbook air M1.
Docker is running the cbix/mod-plugin-builder:moddwarf image
I have tried the bootstrap
./ moddwarf
It gives some warnings, and it quits soon without any error to go upon…
I dont believe it compiled, and via the webbrowser on port 9000 there is no response

Now my question:

  • I havent got my moddwarf yet… does it need to be connected to run the container?
  • can anybody give me some pointers for devving via macos M1?

If you already use the docker image … then you don’t need to bootstrap anything.
And no, the container is for building plugins and it doesn’t need a device to do that.

Can you be more specific on pointers? What kind of develop experience do you have and what kind of tools would you like to use? My recommendation would be to use DPF as that will take care of a lot of basic plugin (and specifically LV2) details. It’s now also possible to convert desktop UI to WASM use inside MOD, which can help a bit with development (so you can create a desktop plugin and simply convert it for MOD without having to go the html/css/js route).

thanks for responding!
I’m new to mod and to docker, I have coding experience in C/C++ for embedded and JUCE.
With JUCE I have a bigger commercial guitar effect on iOS, of which I want to bring parts of it to MOD.
MOD and Docker are new to me.
I run the image succesfully but there is no webaccess to it. (other images do run)
So I tried the steps that are in the
Ofcourse I’ll take the easiest route first to get going, DPF seems to me the best starting point indeed.

The README is for building the toolchain locally from scratch (and you need a Linux machine for that). The docker image has the entire setup premade for you.

Not sure why you think there is some sort of webaccess. The docker image runs the compile tools, not any kind of web tool (afaik).

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ok, thanks, that answers my question.
I need the moddwarf to run the plugs I compile with this container, those steps I could find