Disturbing Default

I would like to know the possibility of removing the “Default” from the Presets cycle. In order to save CPU I am parameterizing effects to have versatility, for example in the C * AMPVTS Simulator I would like it to work in two ways, but when I put “Assingn All” it includes the default in the cycle along with user presets. As I am using the buttons I have to keep hopping it by giving two clicks. In “Assign All” you could have an option to choose whether to include the factory or only the users.

In case, it will not be “assign all”, it would only be “Assign”.


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You’re not the first to ask this, and I agree it’s a good suggestion.
It’s easy to do and very handy afterwards, so it will be added in either v1.4 or v1.5 release. :slight_smile:


This will help a lot.

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bump? :slight_smile:

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See also Presets: "assign all" options