DISTRHO - Cardinal

Word! I’m just at point where I’m actually making music and dare not screw up the Dwarf and pedalboards and have to deal with a backup/restore!


That’s really legit :wink: Something that somethings we tend to forget :sweat_smile:


There is progress on getting the native desktop GUI to run on the browser.
Actually, more than progress, the entire thing already works!
Small bugs and a few more implementations aside, you can already try it live at https://cardinal.kx.studio/

@Elk_wrath maybe this version is one that works for you? I didn’t implement mobile touch events yet, only mouse input works for now, let me know if that is an issue.

How to proceed from here I am not yet sure. Will need to do some tests related to hosting the files on a MOD unit, displaying GUI on the MOD pedalboard and pushing from web to MOD.
The first hurdle is passed though.

PS: It won’t work properly on high-dpi screens for now, will fix that later.


This is definitely a huge step in the right direction for the dawless, users out there, myself included. I tried running it on my tablet but couldn’t properly engage with the plugins but sound was coming through however but it freezes and I have to close the tab.

Running Firefox on exynos powered Samsung galaxy tab s6lite.

Very excited for all your hard work and effort in this falk. I can only imagine what a monumental task this must have been!
And in general I am very, very excited about your continual development in porting vcvrack / cardinal to the mod platform.

Hopeful for eventually being able to hear more examples of people’s patches and “boards” within this!
Cardinal is slept on sadly. I think when people realises what kind of tools available to them through some of the modules that has been ported (plateaus/clouds) they would completely change their view of this plugin.

A guide, or wiki accessibility could further the engagement and more pedalboards with cardinal in use could be instrumental in getting more attention and engagement.
Perhaps in the future?
Has Jesse or any of the other people from the mod team tried it out?
Again thank you.


The modular stuff is not for everyone, quite a few people are scared by the amount of cables.

In regards to user patches, there is a cardinal dedicated section in patchstorage, already a few available patches there.

We can even make use of that, I recently made it so we can pass the name/id from a patchstorage link.
If you have a beefy PC, see this example https://cardinal.kx.studio/?patchstorage=wasm-house-loop
(press “run” on the top-left module to begin, warning it really pushes cpu to max!)


Thank you!
Just as interested to see more of what the community can do as well :slight_smile:

But it’s a bit too niche right now I guess.


Not sure if this has been posted yet and wasn’t sure where to put it, so I’ll just leave it here and if the mods want to move it somewhere more sensible…go for it!


Thnx Sacal. Of course over @ Cardinal irc channel we where already aware of this video.
Nice concise overview of what you can do with it (synth + midi + fx).

If only Cameron still had a MOD unit he could demo how we can load patches into them :wink:


I love Cameron’s channel, and I like that Dwarf has a modular synth environment inside of it. That’s a huge strength and something that diferentiates it from other multi-FX boxes on the market.

That’s said, even though I like synth sounds, I’m definitely not a synth guy. On top of that, seeing a modular synth gives me anxiety, so I have to go with the obligatory:


This is me.

I sound like a scientist that took an 8 ball to the brain when explaining patches to people that have never seen a synth.


Hello Folks,

I’m sure I’m being an idiot. But I’ve made a couple of random looping sequencers in cardinal using the Audible instruments Marbles like thing and the Big red button sequencer (I’m very excited about this) and I can’t for the life of me work out how to get them to send midi out of the Mod duo x.
The patches work well in Ableton but upon deployment to Mod it becomes rather hard to tell whether they are active let alone get any midi signal from the device as I get no feedback from the Mod cardinal device.
Am I missing something, is Cardinal even able to send midi out through the MOD X yet?


Ignore me I was being an idiot!


Hello @Pablo ,

please tell us how you fixed this, because we all don’t want to stay dumb, too.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Gosh. Just a mis-match of midi channels (a bit embarrassed to admit).
I thought I it was cardinal as the native mod sequencers were triggering the synth just fine. However on fiddling with the synths midi settings everything fell into place.

I have to say this is really good!!! I can hardly contain my excitement.
It takes some getting used to since once deployed to the Mod device setting up a cardinal patch is like working blindfolded but the combination of the Duo X and Cardinal is pretty fantastic! Well done folks!


I’ve been fiddling around with Cardinal for most of today. Mostly just trying to learn the different modules and what not.

Right now, figuring out how to use the HOST parameter plugin to control clock in cardinal using the “Ice Tray” delay / looper module as the final touch. (which is really fantastic for mangling samples longer than 20-30 secs, with a lot of melodic content. I’d love to be able to set up for a live performance next month.
(or if anyone can point me towards where i could change the clock from host would be lovely)

However the sound quality doesn’t really seem to be there yet compared to how it processes sound in the DAW as a plugin.
It kinda jumps, and is pretty mangled up. It coughs up a bit tidbits of sound, and i’m wondering if there’s any documentation or other an IRC channel for people that are testing and comparing their experiences with the different modules on the MOD devices (I’m using the dwarf for reference), as to be able to discuss what works on the devices, and what doesn’t.

I’m gonna be playing around a lot more the coming weeks


@falkTX does the trick of “view → limit rate → 4x” work also when you port the patch to the MOD device? Maybe this is what @DupeSupreme needs.

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Why not use Host Time module, or do you want to have a completely separate/unrelated clock source inside the cardinal patch?

Why not use Host Time module, or do you want to have a completely separate/unrelated clock source inside the cardinal patch?

I’m running different time signatures for different units in my setup.
Setup so far:
1010 Blackbox (sampler) (Host Clock)
Fred’s Lab Toôro, (Polysynth) - Wired monophonically into one of the inputs in Dwarf. (L)
Electric Guitar (R) input of the dwarf

The pedalboard consists basically of reverb/delay(host synced) for the guitar and synth

and an internal media file playing different soundscapes and textures that i’m currently trying to mangle up with different cardinal patches which is independent. from the rest of the setup.

From a performance standpoint, it still doesn’t seem like i can get the media filer player + cardincal patches up and running in Mod dwarf.
might be easier to just bring the computer instead.

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Hi! You are probably all busy with the reboot :grinning:, but here goes;
I am trying to deploy a midi MPE patch from Cardinal 22.10 to my Mod Duo X 1.12 RC3 using the Cardinal plugin, but so far without success. Not even a rise in CPU. Also tried other patches inwhich MDX responded and made strange sounds. Tried both in Native and Vst3 and vst2 plugin in ableton, but no success.
Do the Cardinal plugin(s) need an update to keep up with Cardinal 22.10?
Or is the failure somewhere else?

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Cardinal plugin (on MOD side) needs an update, yes.
Cloud is sorta back up (only missing HTTPS/SSL certificate setup), as soon as that is setup I will push the updated Cardinal releases.