DISTRHO - Cardinal

From the video you can see clearly, it works as long as you do not turn off the device, even saving as you can see there will be no more way to make the clock emit, both internal and external

It seems that after loading the pedal board the Mini Cardinal plugin blocks the audio somehow

you are using v1.11.2 yes?

If the cardinal patch is not loaded correctly, the audio does not pass through.

The patch is loaded correctly, in fact the audio passes from the video, the problem is when I close the patch and reopen it. Any slution?

Try saving it as a preset from within the MOD system, in the cardinal plugin settings window.

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I tried to save 3 presets, assign all but nothing works, I would like to understand if it is only me who has this problem and I believe it is on the device

Updated the plugin on the beta store to 22.3-5

This brings in the new modules that will be part of the official 22.03 release, happening later this month. (We now have Befaco!)
Also fixes the issues regarding state not being saved and a few modules causing crash when loaded in MOD.



Here is something for testing. Requires Duo X in order to use, not just for the CPU power but for the addressings.
I recorded a clip so you can hear how it is supposed to sound.


Just one simple question. Is there any way to change the name of the knobs to “param1, param 2…” to something more intutive?

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When you address them to the device, you can use the advanced toggle to set a custom name.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this! In terms of MPE I am wondering if there are some modules which supports this and if there is/will be polyphonic cables?

Cardinal/Rack2 has polyphonic cables, sure.

However I don’t think there are any rack modules that support MPE directly.

MPE is built-in the Host MIDI module, working mostly the same way as in VCVRack.
I do not have a MPE capable device, so have no idea how good or bad the implementation is.

I tried it for the first time in Windows (via Studio One) and it IS awesome. I’ve been long waiting for a MI clouds port one the Mod environnement, now I have more that I could ever Dreams of.

Question : would cardinal work with raspbian on a Rpi?
I’m using the whole Blokas/pisound system for pure data ans Orac stuff, and I’d like to know if I could add patching of my DuoX and Cardinal with the Pi3 as well…


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Yes, there is no reason why it wouldnt work there.
GUI will run slow, but that is kinda expected for the Pi.

And being opensource we can just modify things to get them to work (better).


Thanks for the answer, I’ll give it a try, just need to understand how to get the standalone version working :sweat_smile:

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Updated plugin to 22.3-6, to match the literally-just-now released 22.03 version of Cardinal.
Release details at KXStudio News

Enjoy :slight_smile:

(and let me know of any issues too, thanks)


I updated the version on the store to an early build of 22.05.

The main reason for the update is to bring the main and full Cardinal variant.
Because this one has 19x2 ports (8x2 audio, 10x2 CV and MIDI in+out), I had to implement something special on it in order to deal with the bigger-than-usual number of ports. Some people might want to use all 10 CVs, or prefer to use more audio, so I didn’t want to simply remove these.

So in order to accommodate for this, the plugin modgui will only show the audio and cv jacks/sockets that are in use. (except when first loaded, for convenience the 1st 2 audio and cv ports are visible)

There are “show/hide audio” and “show/hide cv” buttons that will show all the related ports.
It becomes clear when you try it, so please do and let me know if it works well enough for you. Also, if it doesn’t work (some browser incompatibility with the fancy CSS?) please let me know!

Added the first preset for it too, just so it is not a totally barebones plugin without the desktop Cardinal side, that being a simple reverb patch that uses ValleyAudio’s Plateau.


A little pedalboard for having fun with Cardinal for those with a Duo X.
Mostly for testing, but fun is allowed too.

PS: There seems to be some oddities with the tempo of some “notes”, will try to fix before 22.05 release.