Distortion problem with IR plugin


I am using the IR loader on the mod dwarf and I have a weird distorted sound problem.

I am using the IR Loader with an IR of a twin reverb. I get a distorted sound, the gain is at max (at 0). No other effects are in the chain. I also tried with other IR files, I always get this distorted sound.
The lights on the dwarf are all green (in/outs), so the signal is not clipping.
The distorted signal is clearly hearable using the lower strings (E and A).

Did anyone experience the same problem? Is this a bug?

I created a pedalboard so you can also test it and tell me:

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Two questions:

  • Have you the IR Loader updated?
  • Have you tried the same IR in another platform? (Just checking if it may not come from that particular IR)

thanks for your answer!

  • yes, the IR Loader was already updated. I am even thinking that this problem came after the update, though I am not really sure about that, that’s why I did not mention it.
  • yes, I tried the IR on different platforms and they are genuine. I can also send you the IR file if you want.

maybe that would actually be the best. You can DM it to me

Did you guys found a solution to this issue?
I think that I have The same problem.

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We have already some fixes as alternatives. Yet, we are still evaluating which is the best solution. The current fixes would increase quite a bit the CPU.


Similar issue on my end too. Is a fix a priority for the next firmware update? I’m hoping to try some interesting IR’s soon…

Edit: I updated the IR loader and all is now well!


I updated the IR loader too but the issue still the same. As @jon said above, they are evaluating different options.
Are you really sure that the issue got fixed for you?

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we pushed an update to the store yesterday that should address this, what version of the plugin are you running? the latest is 1.0-19


ok, I used a previous update (about 2 weeks ago).
I will check the current update soon and report back.

Edit: I just tested 1.0-19 and yes, the distortion problem is fixed!
I did not experience any difference in the CPU usage.
Thank you!


Hello @buscon Marcello,

as there were no further impulse response loader bugs reported,
I will mark your bug report as solved, okay?

Greetings and God bless


yes, correct, you can close it.

Thank you!