Displaying the amount of memory used by each plug-in?

It would be really useful to see how much of the available memory any one plugin uses before adding it… It would make it easier to choose between different options when you’re starting to max-out the available memory with a particular patch… A few of them seem to be HUGELY memory hungry, and it’d be nice to have a way of seeing that, and choosing them when there’s enough space for them to do what they do… My old Lexicon UNIT had this (every patch had a value and there was a maximum total capacity) and my UAD Satellite does this for plugins… Could even just be a simple traffic light system (Green/Amber/Red for lightweight, medium and memory hungry) if accurate values are hard to come by…


Seeing the moddevices projects, I found the lv2bm. Maybe it will be used for this purpose in the future.

note, though, that there’s a lot of variation in usage by some plugins, depending on their connections and settings.

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