Display extremely small values?

i’m interested in a very slow LFO.

when i’m using “AMS LFO2 - Freq” (which i think has the lowest available frequency of MOD plugins - 0 !!), i’m looking for values between 0 and 0.01. unfortunately, the frequency parameter can only display in 0.01Hz increments.

if i assign that frequency parameter to a knob, and set the minimum to 0 and the maximum to 0.01, then i can actually set a lot of values between those two limits – unfortunately, neither the parameter display in the plugin, nor the visual display for the knob on the DuoX shows the actual values. those displays just round to either 0 or 0.01.

i guess there’s no way to read the actual LFO frequency in this case? there are other similar scenarios i’ve encountered, in which tiny values are accessible but not displayable.

boo. :frowning: