Dexed/LinuxSampler and own Patches


we are currently using my old Yamaha-DX7(II). This good piece of hardware is about 30 years old and we are searching for a replacement. I thought the ModDuo can do this.

It would be really nice if there were plugins where I can store my own (originla) Patches and Samples for using the ModDuo as a synth. For me it is not necessary to edit the patches - only storing and playing would be a nice feature!

Regards, Holger

Hi Holger,

I think there is already a DX plugin in the mod repository. Maybe it fits your needs. Linuxsampler has a license that forbids its use in commercial products without explicit permission. But there are alternatives for sf2. For sfz there is sfzero but it’s not as mature as linuxsampler.
The problem with this kind of plugin is that you need to load a samplepack after you installed the plugin. Some plugins use samplepacks already but they are integrated in the plugin itself. When I asked falktx about it he said I could look into the fluid plugins and try to exchange the samplepack. So if you are familiar with programming and lv2 plugins this would be the easiest and fastest way to go right now.
I hope for a general samplepack plugin too.

Hi Nils,

Thanks for your hints.

I tested the DX-Plugin (I think DX10 or so). Yes - it’s quite nice but the installation of own patches is currently not implemented (afaik). If this plugin will eat my SYSEX patches everything will be fine :slight_smile:

And a simple sampler with own samplepacks would be really nice.

Let’s wait for the next updates :slight_smile:

Regards, Holger