Dev Environment


since I got my Dwarf today, I would like to do some plugin development again. Is the dev environment the same or are there new instructions for the Dwarf.



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Pretty much the same with mod-plugin-builder.

We added a “publish” script that pushes a project into a device via USB, so it is a little easier/fast to handle this particular case.

Note that v1.10 brings many new lv2 features to the host, which I will write soon when we do 1.10-RC1.
Mostly notably for development is the log feature LV2 Log

When you “print” using that, your message will appear in the web browser console.


Thanks, looking forward to that!

Just as a quick feedback: Following your instructions it was easy to build the Docker container with the moddwarf build environment. So I can now build for the Dwarf. Nice! The publish script is also nice. I still cannot get the gui to be built with the plugin, although I can build it by hand. But that also never work on the Duo. Need to investigate. Now that I have a board again, I can do that. Thanks!