Detect CV change?


i’m wondering if there’s a plugin which can detect a CV change, and output a CV pulse or just toggle it’s CV output value between max and min.

i’m looking at doing this:

audio input → audio-to-CV-pitch → CV-round → detect when the rounded CV value changes → use the toggling CV output to trigger something else (when the incoming pitch changes)

any ideas? …i don’t see a CV plugin which does that, but perhaps i’m missing something…


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Hmm… that’s a tricky one.

The first thing here is that Audio to CV Pitch has a very unstable output value, so I’m guessing you’re thinking of rounding those values for that reason, am I right?

Here’s a very simplistic setup: if you want to have a certain note for instance toggle a Chorus effect on/off, here’s what you can do:

  1. Use Audio to CV pitch;
  2. Connect that to CV Range Divider. This plugin outputs the voltage inside of that range in one cable and the one outside on another;
  3. Set the lower and upper value to be just around the note value you’re looking for. Therefore, only that note will be withing the range and therefore that voltage will go through, the rest of the time the response from the “within range” cable will be 0.

I am thinking that Logic Operators might be a better option. It will output 0V or 10V, based on the conditions you set. Now, it will keep outputting that value, so it’s not a trigger/bang, one of the conditions would need to cease so that it reverts back to zero. You might need to use more than one Operator.

Perhaps if you share what you’re trying to accomplish, it might be easier to figure a way out.



thanks, @QuestionMarc !

yes… rounding to improve stability. :wink:

i’ve thought about the two options you mention; unfortunately, they become quickly cumbersome for my application, since i want to make a transposition matrix for the pitch values coming out of the Audio to CV Pitch plugin. …i’d have to have many instances of such constructs - one for each pitch.

there’s a MIDI transposition matrix plugin, but nothing similar in CV.


That’s usually the way it goes with CV “engineering” of complex functions… I’m trying to do something here that’s relatively simple and have already employed 22 CV plugins… Still not working as it should…