Derive (retrieve) DC power from control chain

Would it be possible to retrieve DC voltage from the control chain?
In my (guitar) setup, my Mod Duo X would be behind me where my amp is, while in front of me (on the floor) I would be having the Mod Duo Footswitch and Expression pedal, both on the control chain.
However, I might want to use another pedal that requires DC power. I do not trust myself with having to remember to replace batteries, and I would like to avoid using an extra power cable.
So, can I perhaps use a Arduino shield to ‘derive’ DC power from the control chain (without interrupting the control chain functionality of course). Or maybe other ways to achieve this?


I don’t see why that wouldn’t work - but there is probably a limit to the current you can draw.

What pedal do you want to power with it? Most pedals need 9v and an arduino would only readily give you 5v. However there are ways to get a higher voltages out of it, but I think they are pretty complicated. Some pedals might actually work with a lower voltage than they were designed for, but you’ll probably lose some headroom

The current requirement of the pedal is also an important factor. Analog drive pedals would only need a few mA and should be no problem, but a digital looper for example might be too power hungry

Control Chain provides 12V over the RJ45 cable, so you could also connect to that and if needed convert it down to 9V.

The schematics of the Control Chain devices are publicly available:

This is the cable pinout, VIN being the provided 12V:

The current is limited by the current provided by the power supply of the Duo(X), so it depends on how many Control Chain + USB devices are connected. If you are running out you could also power the Duo(X) with a 12V 3A supply for instance!

Hope that helps!

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Thanks all, that is really helpful info @Jan .
@Schwalb I am missing a tuner in front of me, on the floor. I am aware that the MD ( X ) has a built-in tuner, but it is not easily accessible when in a hurry between songs, and it will be behind me, instead of in front of me. Also, the display of the MDX would not be readable at an angle.

I saw this cool volume control pedal with built-in tuner. It needs 9V-18V (I guess 9V minimum) at 150 mA (which is specified as ‘minimum’).

Off-topic: I am not sure if I would need a volume pedal per se, since I would be having a Mod Expression pedal. I think I would, because I like being able to instantly mute when switching guitars, and the exp pedal might be assigned to something else.


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