Delayed SnapShot changes

I am using MIDI to change the snapshot.
There is a delay when making changes.
It will be silent for a little while.
This bothers me very much.
Is there any countermeasure?

My guess is that it depends on some specific plugin. Maybe some neural plugin (aidax, nam) if it needs to load new model weights.

Yes, that’s right, i use AIDA-X and switch models.
I know this usage is common, but are you guys not concerned about this issue?

Currently, I am not using it.

You may consider having more (two? Maybe one for clean and one for distorted sounds) aidax plugins instances in parallel and select the sound path using some “switchbox” plugin

If you get xruns you can use a portal to distribute the load between the cores

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would be nice to know your pedalboard and what AIDA-X models you use - maybe you can share it to the cloud.
This would make it easier to troubleshoot any issues.

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