Delay time max

Anyone know what the longest possible time that either the DuoX or the Dwarf can handle (theoretically)?

Writing a looper based a Fripertronics paradigm that was modified and ported into Live, and want to know what is the maximum loop lenght(s) before things start to get horribly pear shaped.


PS I apologize if this question has been asked before.


I’m not a looper user, but the Dwarf storage is 8GB, the system should take some of it, but I don’t see anything in the LP3 Basic documentation that suggest a maximum length of the loop, so it may be hours !?! :thinking:


Yes. It can be indeed hours. As far as I remember I asked this to @jesse sometime ago and it is virtually limitless. I remember that we did some maths to get the exact number, but as far as I remember it depends on a few things (including the device, obviously), but some settings as well.


Cool. That makes sense as stereo CD audio (16bit 44.1kHz, uncompressed with redundant error correction) is 10mb per stereo minute. At 48kHz, a minute of stereo audio would be a little less than 10% larger. The MOD works at 24bit internal, so a minute of stereo audio wouldn’t be larger than 17mb per minute. 200 minutes (3.33 hours) of stereo, or 400 minutes (6.667 hours) of mono audio would take up about 3.3gb (if my math is correct: roughly 16.5mb per minute of stereo audio x 200 minutes).

No file size limit. Nice.