Delay changing patch


I am using the mod Dwarf for a while now and when you change a patch, there is always a small delay (and a silence) in between.
Until now I used the Dwarf home and it is not an issue, but I am considering to use it live and a smooth way to change from one preset to another is necessary.

Is there a way to avoid such problem?


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Hello @buscon Marcello,

are you using different pedalboards?
There is still loading time from one to the other pedalboard.

Try tu use pedalboard snapshots instead, meaning: Try to create your sounds with only one pedalboard.
Loading snapshots is way faster than unloading plugins and loading others for your next pedalboard sound. It is really helpful to save your own plugin presets first, too.
Feel free to ask if something isn’t clear for you.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


thank you @mj_prod

after reading your answer I also search better about this issue and now I understand I need to use snapshots and not pedalboards.