Dangerous (!) plugins

Some beta plugins can be dangerous to use. I suggest to discuss it here


rkr CompBand (Multi-band compressor)

This plug-in (version 0.0-3) causes a sudden dangerous overload of the output signal, which due to the extremely high volume can damage the equipment and hearing. And it will definitely scare the people around you.


Good idea to start aggregating such knowledge. I think these would be good candidates for removal from the beta store.
(there has been talk of minimizing the beta store to only include plugins that are suitable for testing and inclusion into the main store)


I had issues especially with some of the Rakarrack PlugIns in Beta, not only with the CompBand. I try to avoid them since I had comparable issues.


Good morning @falktx ? How complicated would it be to include in the MOD engine a general protection against such overloads ?


Actually, I like Rakarrack Plugins. but I had such a problem (an unexpected terrible overload) not only with the beta version, but also with the stable version of rkr Analog Phaser - if you put the feedback to the maximum, this can happen - and not always, but unexpectedly.

rkr Sequence (version 0.0-3, NOT BETA)

Flipping through the presets built into the plugin leads to overload of the output signal.
Dwadf stops transmitting sound and it has to be rebooted.

I think it’s always a good idea to have a limiter at the end of the processing chain. I’ve never used this because I’m using a hardware limiter (yes, I’m an anxious wimp), but could this be the solution?

This plugin seems to supports limiter functionality.

Sorry for the off topic, I just wanted to mention that briefly.


GxSuperFuzz (version 28.3-9, NOT BETA)

I came across the fact that after adding the plug-in to the pedalboard, after a few seconds it begins to emit an increasing white noise reaching a high amplitude.

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