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how does the recent announcement of RNBO by Cycling74 affect the creation of plugins using Max/MSP? Does anybody know if there are advantages of using RNBO over gen~?

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I have been following the announcement at cycling 74’ as well,
It seems that most of the tool set capers to easy porting to other devices? Therein web/net integration and plugins?
So I would also like someone to explain to me what this means in laymens terms.

Does rnbo do anything to the development of new plugins to mod?

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If my understanding is correct, Mod’s current plugin builder for gen~ objects would need to be adapted (if not fully rewritten) so as to operate with RNBO.

I’m not sure if gen~ has been deprecated already or if it will be phased out.


RNBO supports gen~ as well, it’s not going to go anywhere (gen~ is part of regular Max/msp, for rnbo you have to get a separate subscription).

An RNBO wrapper would require a completely different integration and would work completely separately from the gen~ one.

It’s funny that some of the promotional videos actually feature a DuoX even though there is no project that actually runs RNBO based code on MOD gear yet (that I know of).

Do note that with both gen~ and RNBO all copyright of the generated c/c++ code belongs to Cycling '74


RNBO is the “next generation” gen~

Both generate compilable C code

gen~ had the limitation of only being able to deal with continuous signal in/out (effects mainly).

RNBO handles events and allows the creation of MIDI synths, for example.

We will at one point integrate this into our system, just as we did with gen~


Yes, please! Yes, please! Yes, please!

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Is there and feature request or roadmap I can upvote?


Hey, just starting to discover this a bit, the possibilities seem great. This could be quite an influx of new pedals:

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