CV to operate a pedal

Is there any way to have CV control a pedal? I would like to press one footswitch and have several pedals use a footswitch at once. On the SooperLooper I can control play and record with CV, they are click switched, but not reset which is a foot switch - any way of doing it?

yes, should be possible

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Yet it isn’t - if I go to the control option for a pedal then the CV option isn’t there as it is for switches or rotary knobs.

Sorry I don’t follow, can you show us with some screenshots perhaps?
You want to turn these pedals on/off simultaneously?

What I just did in a quick test:
Control to CV (set to >5) -> Switchbox (name one of the outputs) -> select the name as CV-source on the on/off switch of your pedals.

Then have the channel selector on the Switchbox respond to a device button.

(there are probably other ways to also do this)

[Edit: aaaaah, I see now. Indeed these “footswitches” in the options (checking with SooperLooper) do not have a CV setting … hmmm at a loss here then, sorry :#

These are momentary switches, so I can see how controlling them from CV would be tricky to implement]

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It really seems that you found a plugin without the CV ins or outs :frowning:
So, in overall @dreamer suggestion works, but it doesn’t for the SooperLooper

Damn. lt works for the record and play, just not the other ones that I need!

For anyone interested the pedalboard is shared here: shaggy 3 loop 1 - MOD Devices


Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

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