CV Switchbox doesn't work as I would expect

I tried using a CV switchbox to route a clock either through a booster, or bypass the booster. The results went into a Parameter modulation. However no matter how I have the switchbox routed, the Booster has an effect on the signal, which I can see by turning it on or off.

IF the CV signal is switched to bypass the Booster, then how can it have any affect?

I think I figured out what is going on. The CV Attenuator Booster is set to +10 offset. If it is on, and the switchbox is not sending CV to it, it is still sending +10 down the line to the final destination. That seems wrong to me, but that appears to be how the attenuator booster works - it doesn’t need a signal to provide one, if set to +10, a zero signal becomes +10.

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Now that I know how the booster works, I only needed that connected to my CV clock. I set the Booster to multiply by -10, so when it is on, the clock signal goes from -10 to zero, but when the booster is turned off the signal is just zero. Then the thing I had controlled by this needed to use -10 to 0 instead of 0 to +10.

All this to get a button that when turned ON will allow the clock to adjust something. It outputs 0 to +10, so I had to reverse that. Otherwise my interface button would be ON when doing nothing, and OFF when doing something.

I wish the Advanced settings of the buttons allowed for ‘reverse’ behaviour. A more advanced version of ‘latched’.