CV question for those of you with a DUOX

How do you guys use the CV I/O on the device?

I was worried about how I’d connect to my semi modular gear for CV fun.

I ended up snagging a pair of custom patch cables that converts from 6.3mm to 3.5mm

I’m fairly certain these should work great for the application I am planning.

Do standard adaptors work as well?

I try not to use adaptors as they generally are shoddy, and I’ve had bad luck with ones in the past.

You need 1/4" (6,3) stereo to 1/8" (3,5) Y cable like


Well dang, that is bad news and good news.

Bad news is that the cables shipped, but the good news is that the DUOX has more CV options than I originally thought.

I’ll snag the Y cable when my DUOX gets ready to ship.

Thanks for the help!



Harpoon Cables are absolute champions!

Emailed them this morning to see if I could swap out the cables as my order hadn’t actually shipped, and they did so without hesitation.

The correct cables will be shipped out today!

This was a super good experience, and I’ll for sure be buying from them again.


Super nice - and something like that gets around! Have you ordered 2 because of input and output?

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I will definitely promote them if people ask in the future.

And yeah, I did order two sets so I have a set for the input and output, or a back up in case one gets damaged.

Not sure if I’ll be sending CV to the duox, but who knows now. I’ve got weird stuff I am working on right now, and I’m struggling with modulation which I’m hoping the DUOX will assist me with.


Hi, just to understand how to use two modulations from my modular vs the MODULAR DUO X. So from cv input 1 a eurorack LFO, on cvinput 2 a eurorack sequencer. Is it possible with a stereo plitter cable from modular to duox?

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Yes, just make sure that you have the input configured correctly and be aware of the input ranges:

    On the Duo X Limited edition, both the CV inputs and outputs have a range from 0V to 5V.
    On the Duo X normal production edition, both the CV inputs and outputs have a range from 0V to 10V.