CV Plugins: UI Improvement?

IMHO, adding a tiny triple digital number display / Voltmeter
directly on the front surface of most
of the CV-Plugins would vastly improve handling…

… yesterday I was watching myself hopping between
the front dials and the settings back and forward
endlessly, which is quite tidieous.


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You are already aware of the CV Meter plugin? → CV meter - MOD Audio

(ps; I modified the topic title slightly to be a bit more clear)


Hi @dreamer,
Yes I am…
it just the idea to implement it in into other CV-Plugins
basically - until there’s enough visual space on most of them - and,
it really would make a usability difference IMHO.

PS.: I don’t find to be a high priority thing at all - it’d just be a nice-to-have.

PPS.: Debugging the Toggle-through Assignment in User-Presets (… recently you’ll get an additional DEFAULT preset added too the list of User-Presets) would be far more important…

I just having fun, helping by speaking my mind - forgive me