CV plugins are here!

Hello again.
For those that were expecting the CV plugins, they are now out today as promised!
(It is 11pm here in Berlin time, so still counts as today :joy:)

This is what we have so far:

You can install them both on Duo and Duo X.
Using the Duo X with the latest v1.7.1 update, you will see a new “Control Voltage” category in the plugin store. This will make it easy to find them. For Duo users though, for now you have to manually search for them.
We will be tagging the relevant beta plugins to have CV as category as well very soon.

Our product specialist @jesse has a showcase video regarding CV, though you may have seen it already. Leaving the link here anyway for those that did not see it yet, or in case you want to rewatch and get inspired :slight_smile:

More plugins to come soon!


Okay guys, these CV modules and all the options evolving from this are a great addon to the value of the MOD Duo series. Anyway I am missing a feature that I really was hoping for:
Using a CV output to control any other parameter of another module. For example, controlling the stereo gain with the output of the AMS LFO2 module. Or controlling the tempo of the bollie delay with the output of the AMS Envelope. Or pannning using the precise control of an envelope output. The modulation-possibilities would grow with every CV module added, as every CV could act as a control for any other audio module.
It could appear as another option in the controller assignment dialog: Devices - MIDI - Control Chain - CV.
Then the Duo would allow a real crossover of audio, MIDI and CV. Crazy, but a wonderful tool for every musician out there in the experimental field…


That is a very good idea.
Other hosts have this functionality, and it is quite useful indeed.
Also not that difficult to implement, so something surely worth investing time on.

I wonder if we could even have high-resolution mode for the controls (splitting plugin buffer cycle into tiny portions instead of the default 128 frames), but perhaps something more for long-term.

Regarding inter-connectivity of CV, MIDI etc, some plugins have “control outputs”, which could also be used to trigger other controls.
At the moment we don’t display them, they only get used if a modgui has custom javascript inside (like the tinygain showing the peak dB level)
Since we “unlocked” the controls on the device (you can change values in the web gui and it triggers changes in the device), we could even have metering controls :joy:
But maybe that is stretching it too much.

Half of our team is now on a trip to an event, but after they come back next week I will push for a discussion on this topic. Thanks for bringing it up.


There already is a “Control to CV” module, which works as a one-way bridge. Maybe a “CV to Control” module would be a nice start to implement this functionality. All “CV to Control” modules on a pedalboard could then appear in the controller assignment dialogue.

I think the Duo was born by “stretching it too much”, so keep on stretching…!!! :joy:


Huge plus one to this - it would be so useful to have!

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Hello everyone,

Just a small update. The CV plugins in the BETA store are now also tagged as ControlVoltage plugins. So, if the BETA plugins are enabled, they will appear under the new Control Voltage category as well.




Hey there,
just found this plugin:

CV Parameter Modulation

is that what you were talking about and now it´s there?
did anyone test it so far? how does it work? does the CV output now appear in the controller assignment dialogue? that´d be incrrrredible!

yes, see for details

FINALLY! This is adding so much more depth to all MOD devices. I’mm looking forward to some comfort time with my Duo X this weekend… :slight_smile:


this really is sooo cool. thanks guys!
i´ll have to wait fot my DWARF till christmas…:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hi, first post :smile:
And it’s a question: will the Dwarf have CV out, so that I can use it with modular gear ?

Hi @dutchbassscapes, welcome to the community!

The Dwarf will unfortunately not have a hardware CV out, but all internal CV functionality will be there. There will be support for MIDI controllers (USB and 3.5mm trs), and there are plugins available that translate MIDI to CV.


Thanks for the info.
Maybe this is something for a future update :smile:

I notice the plugin store (Plugins - MOD Devices) is missing the mod-cv-to-audio plugin in the moddevices/mod-cv-plugins github repo: GitHub - moddevices/mod-cv-plugins: Control Voltage Plugins

I can build mod-cv-to-audio for moddwarf using the mod-plugin-builder crosscompiler locally by running:

make -C ~/mod-plugin-builder/plugins/package/mod-cv-plugins/

and I can manually deploy it to my dwarf via the modsdk docker localhost:9000, and mod-cv-to-audio appears to run fine. So I’m wondering why didn’t mod-cv-to-audio get put in the store, and how to fix that?

Hi @ericfontainejazz, it’s mostly not in the store yet due to us not having time to test it fully. I personally did some tests and as far as I can tell it’s working fine. However, there is also the “issue” of audio ranges being a lot smaller then CV ranges. Depending on how the plugins is used this is most likely not an issue, but I can imagine that it can result in very loud noises as well. So we wanted to test the plugin and it’s use cases a bit more before pushing this to the store.

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Sorry… For sure I’ve miss something but… In all (well quite all) CV control there is a Button called SMOOTHING.
What’s usefull for???