CV pitch quantizer?

Hey mateys,

Sometimes I use an analogue sequencer with no quantization. It’s quite the ordeal for tuning.

Now I haven’t dug too deep into the CV plugins outside of the ones I need. I have to be defensive about my CV use from the MDX currently (usually used for envelopes).

I was wondering if there was a plugin, or one in the works, that can quantize CV scales?

I’d love to be able to patch my pitch out into the MDX for scale quantization, and then use the CV out into my gear.

I don’t mind manually tuning, but this feature would be killer (and time saver) for me.


I purchased a device can perform all the functions I’m missing from the platform (supposedly) and so this request may be a moot request on my end personally. However, I believe it would be a great utility to add.

Edit 2:
To add on to how I imagine this plugin to work, it should be a supplement.

For example, it would act like a CV “tuner” it’ll read the incoming voltage and recognize the nearest note, with being able to force a scale. However, I’d find a lot of use in seeing how far the original voltage is off from the note sought after.

Pitch adjustments should be manually controlled on the synth imo, I just need the raw voltage tuning across octaves and can work from there.

I don’t want it to replace the sequencer, but need to speed up and ease the tuning process.


this is slightly related, but I have been meaning to request opinions from the community about modules from VCV Rack / Cardinal that could be useful to bring to the MOD platform as single LV2 plugins.
apart from the GUI, the porting process is pretty simple and easy, and gives us new plugins to try on the platform right away.
there are a few cv quantizers in there, so if we pick one I can quickly add it to the store as beta to try


I haven’t used cardinal yet, but I’ll give it a go this week.

If anyone else has experience with it, or a need, I’d refer to them first.

Thanks, Falk!


Oh yes! Those very nice Mutable modules as single plugins in the Mod environnent would make my day! :innocent:


I think if we were able to have the cardinal modules as stand alone ones to be used like the other plugins it would catapult the mod devices into must have bits of kit.

Cardinal is a bit of a PIA to use with the MOD in my opinion especially as you cannot see what you are doing without having a DAW open etc

So yes I would love the VCV /Cardinal plugs to be available as separate plugins


Oh, bummer. This makes it effectively useless for me.

I dont have a DAW or a PC to even set up a patch.

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Maybe you could use something like vst host which is how I started, just like MOD really . Open up the cardinal and set up some patches. I have had good results but really think they need to be modules outside of cardinal .

Worst case scenario me or others could create the patch and upload it but where’s the fun in that

Sorry just realised you don’t have a pc


Can cardinal be messed with in a web browser?

I’m on mobile 100% of the time, but have an old laptop I can probably dig up


If you have an old laptop download vsthost it’s a free program, runs vst just like MOD with audio and midi cabling. Create a patch and send it across to mod device .


I do not want to deviate this discussion into a Cardinal thing, but feels important to mention I will soon add a standalone tool for Cardinal remote control, so one does not need to load up a plugin host / daw, load up cardinal in there and all that jazz…
The standalone tool would still be a desktop one, as that is the fastest to do at the moment. It won’t have audio, serving purely to connect to a Cardinal instance that is running somewhere else.


I am going to try this when I get home today. Thanks for the tip!

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Is the Web page. Didn’t get chance to test it today but can have a look tomorrow if you are struggling


Thanks mate, currently handling some work business, but I’ll give that a shot when I get some free time :slight_smile:

Edit: I just now remembered that I own the producer edition of FL studio (used it once and chose hardware over DAW). I am assuming that FL studio should handle VSTs no problem.


Think so I don’t use it but it must do. Anything that handles vst and midi should be fine just make sure it does 64bit not 32bit , although there are wrappers available such as jbridge. Maybe try reaper as I think it’s a free trail download if you struggle. Or even ableton - which will just have the save function disabled which won’t be an issue as you will save on the mod


I’m good on 64 bit, midi, and VST with FL.

I’ll give it a go this weekend. Just depends on how I end my day at work on Friday lmao.

I’m in the position to focus on music/blacksmithing full time, but also am a Union Steward at my workplace, and boy oh boy do I have some clever ideas I’m working on to bring that place back into a workers facility.

I’ll do my best to keep focusing on music this week lmao