CV gets interrupted by changing data

I have noticed that pedalboards I’ve made which make extensive use of CV, will have their CV signals interrupted when I’m adjusting almost any parameter assigned to a knob on my Mod Duo X. This seems like a bug for sure. Slight parameter changes are not a problem, but if I do a quick filter sweep or something like that, CV signals will drop out. My first thought was to check the CPU usage, and it can be around 55%, but doesn’t spike when I use the knobs on the MDX, so I don’t think it’s just random CPU overages, I think it’s specifically related to CV.

Actually is there a known limit to internal CV ports and signal paths?

I have a sequencer which is outputting 8 different CV signals to control a mixer. Now I am trying to add a Control to CV plug-in, which I can see works, the knob in the GUI moves with the knob on the device. However whatever I assign that CV output to, does not work. I seem to have hit some virtual limit - although I’m fairly sure some of my older pedalboards use more than 9 CV ports.

Actually my Control to CV plug-in does not work. My system says it is up to date, but if I make a pedalboard which is only the Control to CV plug-in, the CV monitor plug-in, and the default volume plug-in, I can see that there is something wrong.

When I adjust the knob on the Mod which is assigned to the Control to CV, the animation shows that the CV goes from 0 to +10, but the CV monitor shows erratic values coming out of the plug-in. Also assigning the output of the plug-in to the volume knob on the volume plug-in, does nothing.

This is a really weird and crippling bug. I wonder if some global setting changed when I last updated my unit?

I’m going to make a new thread with a new title, as the original issue is clearly just a symptom of a more specific issue - Control to CV no longer works on my Mod Duo X.