Custom Laser Engraving Specs?

I’d like to get a good, long head-start on designing a custom graphic to be laser-engraved onto my Deferred Dwarf when it eventually ships.

Can you please provide specifications for size, placement, etc?
A dimensioned panel drawing with the available area highlighted would be grand.


Hi Helman,

Did you opt for the tier 3? if so, there will already be a lot of laser engraving on there. Probably not so much space for any more


I chose the final tier for the most rewards. If that’s tier 3 then yes.
I can’t find the email now but I remember something about a special edition color and a ‘custom engraving’ but perhaps I’m remembering incorrectly or I misread or misunderstood.

That’s correct, that’s tier 3. You’re remembering right, there will be a special edition colour with custom laser engraving but maybe I didn’t make it clear what that means. We have made a custom laser engraved design for these units. We aren’t offering for users to customise the engraving sorry


Ah, okay, that’s good, too. Less work for me! :slight_smile: