Creepy Hollow

Creepy Hollow

Reverb madness


That’s beautiful.

Is that an acoustic you’re playing through the pedalboard?


Very beautiful! This is fantastic. And it is a good example of what is possible with the Mod devices… Try this with any other…


Super cool @Gino! Really love it.
Do you have the contact of David Gilmour? I think he will enjoy this pedalboard :wink:


Thanks guys!

I’m playing my Parker guitar and using its piezo pickups. That was accidental. I had intended to use the magnetics but it sounded good so I kept it.

I’m having a blast creating these sounds. At one time I was hoping to get a Strymon Blue Sky… never mind that idea! Who needs that anymore?


I think it might be a good pairing to put the Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay pedal in front of this pedalboard. If you’ve never tried that pedal let me tell you, it is highly unique and underrated. I know of no pedal that does what it does as well as it does. It’s everything that the Boss Slow Gear is trying to be but could never be and more.

Mine is put away right now but I’ll dig it up and record a sample.


I have one, and I love it. on of my ideas was to learn Max Gen and emulate it’s controls but after some video’s I concluded I still have to learn much how sound processing works first :smiley:

One of my journal chapters will be “using it as a 4 cable setup” and looping out preamped sound to my physical El Capistand and Blue Sky and then lettign it come in an have power amp/speaker sim on it and record it internally :smiley: