Crash requiring powering off Mod Duo X

Often when I’m building a new pedalboard, I run a signal through the unit, and then test different plug-ins. I always have a limiter set at the end of my chain, so I’m not accidentally blowing the levels going out of the unit - the levels going in are steady.

But I’m adding and deleting plugins while a signal is passing through the unit.

Recently I’ve noticed that sometimes when adding or removing a plug-in, something will cause a level overload, at the plug-in, but not coming out of the unit. I don’t hear a loud crack or anything, but the hardware will crash and become unresponsive. I can add and edit things in the GUI, but this doesn’t actually do anything, and no sound comes through the unit. I can’t reload the pedalboard, I have to power down and reboot the hardware.

I don’t remember this ever happening, but recently it happens a lot. So I’m wondering if there is something in the newer OS updates which cause this?

Certainly in a live context, I wouldn’t be editing patches, but I might adjust something which causes a level spike in a given plug-in, and if that happens I don’t want to have to reboot my unit.

Am I just recently unlucky with crashes? They used to be very very rare for me.

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This is one that I can’t remember.
What is the OS version that you are running on your device?
And do you have any sort of experimental features in place? Like the Audio USB?