Crackles & ticks and how to start

And hell yeah I received my Dwarf yesterday.
I noticed while playing around for the very first time a Mod device that with certain pedalboards and even without any setup I hear small ticks, sounds like a overloaded CPU.
Noticed that some with 40% cpu or 60%, sometimes it peaks without reason.
Is that a topic?

In one topic I read that you can’t use Duo pedalboard presets?
this could be good starters info for newcomers…
Maybe some info on where to place or start drivers with Windows

Drivers should not be needed for Windows.
It should detect the unit as a network gadget device, is that not the case?

You can load Duo stuff, it is just that obviously it wont match the specs so the Duo-specific things like multiple addressings in the same knob won’t be loaded.
Same for Duo X to Dwarf, though that is a bit more dangerous because you could load a pedalboard too heavy for the Dwarf and it locks up. Loading online pedalboards is temporary, not saved on disk, so a reboot will take care of such cases.

If the CPU peaks, something is causing xruns, thus you hear “ticks”. Might be one of the plugins?