CPU usage with Convolution reverb

I think I have a lead.
I noticed that the number of x runs increases each time the pedalboard is changed and that is what causes the cpu usage peaks.
When I load the pedalboard with the Silo reverb for the fist time cpu usage is at 60% and X runs at 13.

Each time I load a new pedalboard cpu usage increase and X run too up to more than 200 for the same pedalboard! Of course the audio drops appear and I can’t activate any effect without cpu drop to 100%

@falkTX Is this normal?


for sure not normal. but a great starting point to investigate further, thanks.


the both photos above are for the same pedalboard !
The first photo is when I load the pedalboard just after having power up the Mod Duo X and the second after opening 6 or 7 differents pedalboards.

I’m playing with the silo reverb and many plugin since 30 minutes without any audio drops. But as soon I change IR in the silo effect XRUNS and CPU usage increase until audio drops appear.
I think it’s a issue that you can easily recreate at home.

BTW, I’ve added max elapsed time capture of the run() function and just adding that code has resulted in better CPU performance. I suspect that many of the XRUNS are connected to Linux scheduling.


@Julien please test the latest “Odd Ones” reverb that was just pushed to the store today, and see if the CPU-increase behaviour also happens when using only that one.
using it in demo mode is quite fine, it is not the sound output we are interested here.
thank you!

I have made small tweaks to its thread sync mechanism, that I suspect could be related. so worth a shot…
if confirmed I would push the change to the other reverbs.


Thanks @falkTX
I’ll try this week end.

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I’ve just made the newest update of my Dwarf - CPU jump seems to be this same, no difference.

just noticed one more issue - reverb wet almost do nothing, Ican not get no reverb.

just switched reverb to DoGood BM7 - wet control does almost nothing, Really strange.

do you use it 128 o 256 frame?
i tried it in 128 but it is too near to 100% cpu to evaluate jump. No problems in 256 frame. However the dry and wet knob are effective both for korea and BM7 on my dwarf (in your pedalboard).
Same thing for this, when i switch of the reverb it actually get of.

Sorry but i cant reproduce your issues

I use 128 frame - with 256 frames latency is too noticable. If you take a look, the pedalboard is not a complicated one, in my case cpu jumps from about 60% to 100%.
In my case switching of reverb does not turning it off - this is something new, CPU jumps occured before an update but the reverb has been switchable.

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Hi @Lukasz
I had the same issue with my two unit, the dwarf and the duo x. But without doing anything one day the issue have disapear on the duo x. Now the CPU is stable with all the convolution reverb. I really have change nothing…
Totaly weird…

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tried again, and actually jump… strange this morning was almost stable to 97-100%

Hi @falkTX
Here’s some news.
I’ve done nothing and now the convolution reverb and Silo and BM7 are stable on my mod duo x. I hve not try on the dwarf. That’s really strange.
But I have still issue with Xrun each time I load a new pedalboard, and finally the cpu rise to 100%.
The good new is that I use only one pedalboard. But there’s still an issue.


I got rid od rkr exciter and the CPU level dropped significantly. I added also portal which lowered CPU by about 10%.

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