CPU upgrade?

curious if there’s any path towards upgrading the CPU in the DUO… given that it’s basically a computer, and that processing power is rapidly on the increase.

are there any thoughts along the lines of swapping the CPU or motherboard? or will it only be possible by purchasing a new unit?

…and is something like this even in the pipeline at all, at this point?


The quick answers would be:
not sure;

We’ve got a lot on our plates right now in the development side of things and this is one of them.


If I am correct, the “computer” part of the circuitry is attached via slot that looks like those used to attach RAM sticks in a laptop. So one could surely at least just replace that bit without having to replace all the rest.


nice… i’m frequently pushing my CPU usage, and generally need to run with a 256 sample buffer. so, while i’m not particularly impatient about this issue, i’m happy to know that it’s likely to have a reasonable solution ~someday~… :smiley:

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gian also signaled months ago that there will be an upgrade in the future. I’m also looking forward to it. But i have to say, since it’s possible to change the buffer to 256 it’s not the pressing issue i thought it would be.
As far as i understand an upgraded ARM board is needed (to put in the “RAM” slot) but the company who develops the MOD arm board with the allwinner cpu only has this board to offer. Didn’t find any with faster allwinner cpus on it. Shouldn’t be a problem, though, if demand is here.
I also remember, it’s not only an hardware issue, the MOD soft-/firm(?)ware also has to be altered.


Any progress on this? I’m desperate to get a more powerful CPU for my Duo so that I can safely add an octave pedal to it and ditch my EHX Nanopog. Is there any chance of DIY upgrades?

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Hi @aspiers,

Since we are working on a new version of the Duo X with a better CPU, we know it’s technically possible to offer an upgrade and we have had some discussion on this. However, this is not something we are capable of having any sort of plans or expectations about. There is a huge gap between this being “technically possible” and actually being viable.

There are no similar discussions regarding the Duo.

I see an other daugther board with 2 aw2042 gig of ram is it just simply compatible to swap ? the back Sdcard slot is usable to store more plugins ?

Thanks for the update. It’s great to hear that the Duo X is being developed further, although I hope your first generation of customers who bought the Duo are not neglected too much as a result. The older CPU is definitely the biggest issue I have with my Duo right now.


The MOD Duo Hardware Upgrade

Greeting fellow users

Following the announcement of the upcoming MOD Dwarf crowdfunding campaign, I’d like to bring some updates on the topic of the CPU upgrade for the MOD Duo.

This topic has been constantly discussed within our team and many different considerations, from technical implications to business figures, must be taken into account.

After all this thoughtful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that the hardware upgrade for the Duo will happen differently than initially expected and a new CPU to be fitted into the original MOD Duo will not be offered.

Instead, we will offer a very special pledge in the MOD Dwarf Kickstarter campaign only for Duo owners. This pledge will offer you a brand new Dwarf at the cost of what a CPU update would be.

The technical development for the MOD Duo upgrade as previously planned would invariably increase the odds of having a way less stable system. Ultimately, it would certainly end up costing more for you, the user.

This proposed arrangement provides the biggest win-win scenario due to multiple reasons.

From a user perspective, you’ll have a brand new unit that is much more powerful and still keep your original MOD Duo.

From our side, we will avoid adding an extra platform into our ecosystem, making maintenance and support much simpler.

I hope this solution is received well. We have tried to be as fair as possible with the original Duo owners. Please let me know your opinions about it.

Best wishes


I think this is a smart, generous, and sensible offer… i would probably take advantage of it, once i see what you’re thinking about the pledge amount!


Thanks for the update and consideration of us Duo owners, it’s much appreciated! This sounds like it would probably be a very good way forward although of course it depends on the details :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve posted more questions in the Dwarf thread.


This sounds great. Count me in.

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That sounds very interesting !

(That’s a really generous offer!)


That’s cool, and maybe that’ll make more 2nd hand Mod Duo available on Ebay/Reverb and lower even more the entry price for a new Mod Device enthuisast.

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Great minds think alike :wink:

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Cool idea and probably the most economic decision. Alternatively you might want to consider offering discounts on the volume pedals or the foot switches for the folks who are happy with their Duo. Definitely looking forward to learning more about the device and your pricing!

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Interested here as well.

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Great idea.

I, too, was looking forward to a response on the upgrade question.

This is a real ‘out of the box’ (see what I did there!) approach.

I look forward to more news in February.