CPU Max minimum board

Hy there,

built my first pedalboard only with noise gate/od/amp/ir/delay/reverb, but it maxes out my cpu.
what a I doing wrong?

Pedalboard is “MR Rock1”


try to go with the light version of the aida-x models.
Or add the portal plugins.

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Ok, i will try. Read only to run chains parallel. But that makes no sense in this case. I have units they can run 12 blocks of effects with ease.

yeah - depending on the effects used thats also possible. But not with the new stuff like AIDA-X and an IR. The DWARF is not powerful enough.

Unfortunately. I think about sending it back…

Without seeing your pedalboard we can’t really say anything useful.

That is why I wrote the name of the pedal:“MR Rock1”

the screenshot is the pedalboard of @Cipralex. As I said either either use the portal pedals or other plugins. You have to experiment a little bit with the DWARF - takes a little time and gets frustrating sometimes. But you can can get great sounds - stick to the SHIRO plugins for delay and reverb.

Thank you very much. I will try. I think it is a super concept, but cpu could be much stronger. I play often through nam with Element as plugin host and was searching for a pedal as solution.

Ah sorry. A link to the pedalboard is generally easier/faster for us to navigate :slight_smile:

Try using the portal plugin like @spunktsch suggested. Or you can change the blocksize to 256.
Both will add a bit of extra latency, but will allow for more processing to happen.


A little suggestion from my side (as part of the AIDA-X dev team): first compare the standard to the light model of the captured amp you want to use (JVM) or JCVM Powered By AIDA-X - MOD Audio

See if the tone difference matters in you use case. Go from there.
You can also check out one of my pedalboards: Pedalboards - MOD Audio


yeah @Cipralex really try the Portal plugin in your chain and see the difference.
don’t worry about “parallel” etc for a minute and plug it in your chain to see the load drop.

Also; experiment with different “weights” of models like @spunktsch said.
I have created several board that feature the loadout you mentioned succesfully with medium weight models, IR cab, rever, delay, noise suppression, EQ, a separate in2 to out2 with some effects for vocals and still load it around 85% CPU.

The Dwarf takes a bit of time to get to known its quirks but if you learn how to use it, it is a very versatile unit!
Check my LievenDV’s Dwarf journal to get an idea of my personal journay